PERT Test Reading and Writing Success: Florida PERT Test Preparation Book by Academic Success Media

PERT Test Reading and Writing Success: Florida PERT Test Preparation Book

Book Title: PERT Test Reading and Writing Success: Florida PERT Test Preparation Book

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1497480450

Author: Academic Success Media

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Academic Success Media with PERT Test Reading and Writing Success: Florida PERT Test Preparation Book

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Academic Success Media's PERT Test Reading and Writing Success Test Preparation Book contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive prep and review materials available for the PERT Reading and Writing Tests.

This book contains six PERT practice tests.

There are three reading practice tests and three writing practice tests, with answers and in-depth explanations for each question.

The explanations also contain exam tips and strategies for each question type on the real exam, so that you can correctly answer even the most difficult questions on the PERT reading and writing tests.

While other PERT study guides just give you a general review of reading comprehension and writing skills, our study guide is focused to cover the exact skills assessed on the PERT examination.

What is more, all of the problems in our book are of the same level of difficulty and in the exact same format as those on the actual PERT examination.

The PERT Test Reading and Writing Success Study Guide has three sections.

The reading and writing review section contains:
  • An overview of the format and content of the PERT reading and writing tests
  • Review of the types of questions covered on the PERT reading test
  • Review of the types concepts covered on the PERT writing test
Our reading practice tests cover:
  • Determining the main idea
  • Establishing a thesis
  • Summarizing key points, events, or information
  • Understanding specific points
  • Stating the meaning of words or phrases in context
  • Analyzing organizational structure
  • Evaluating the function or purpose of specific sentences
  • Determining the purpose of the author
  • Deciding which evidence best serves an argument
  • Ascertaining unbiased facts or biased opinions
  • Evaluating the reasoning and effectiveness of evidence
  • Drawing conclusions and making inferences
  • Determining the relationship between two sentences
  • Understanding characters in fiction
  • Assessing the tone of a selection
  • Analyzing and comparing two texts with different styles
There are 55 different reading passages on the practice reading tests.

Our writing practice tests cover:
  • Establishing and supporting a topic or theme
  • Using grammar, punctuation, and capitalization correctly
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Verb usage and tense
  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Avoiding unclear pronoun reference
  • Correct modifier placement
  • Coordination
  • Subordination
  • Parallel structure
  • Capitalization of proper nouns
  • Providing arguments and counterarguments
  • Determining the appropriate tone and style
  • Restating and paraphrasing information
  • Understanding how to cite information correctly
  • Recognizing commonly-confused words and making the correct word choice
  • Expressing ideas clearly and concisely
  • Ascertaining the correct order of sentences in a selection
  • Synthesizing information and combining sentences
  • Using transitional and cohesive devices correctly
  • Understanding rhetorical coherence
  • Identifying sentences that do not belong in a selection
There are 90 different writing test questions on the practice writing tests.

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